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I have written a fair bit this year about my commitment to self-rejuvenation in all sense of the meaning.  So finally trying the Max RF Skin RejuvenationTreatment certainly ticked a ‘Stop procrastinating you big scaredy cat and take more care of your skin‘ box for me.

La Femme Mecca 5 Reasons To Rejuvenate

Not only does that mean looking at the internal and working on things like self-development, self-compassion, mindfulness and meditation, but rejuvenating yourself is also about rebooting the exterior. Making a conscious effort to work on your body as well as your mind. I’ve embarked on a 6 Week Sleep Challenge, cut coffee out after 12pm, stopped obsessing over social media, walk 25kms every week with my dad (commitment to more family time and seeing the people I love) and paired up with an organic foodie to actually learn for the first time as a 30 something year old women how to cook (like actual real life cooking in my kitchen using my very own cooking utensils).

So I was only more than happy to try a MAX RF Skin Rejuvenation Treatment by the Laser Clinics Australia in Bondi Junction last week, because in addition to nourishing my body I really wanted to be kinder to my skin. That meant no more wasting money on expensive chemist creams, more beauty sleep, less baking in the sun, avoiding products laden with chemicals and wearing a hat with sunscreen every time I exercise outdoors. So when I was offered to try the treatment I went in with an open mind and loaded with lots of questions. The most important questions came first – How much is it? Does it hurt? And will I look like beef carpaccio at the end of it?

So read on Ladies, and you’ll see my 5 reasons why every woman should invest in this one.


You See A Result

This was an important reason for me because I was so tired of spending money on snake serums and expensive facials that whilst felt good and probably on some level was hydrating my skin, didn’t really give me a visible result. I had the Max RF Treatment on the Monday and saw clearer more replenished skin by Wednesday. A week later, after some exfoliation and after-skin care with an active Skinstitut Rejuvenate 15 Serum gel (which I kept in the fridge so it was cool on my skin) my skin was definitely plumper, clearer and tighter. So if you’re wondering will my skin actually look different? It does. And for me, that’s half the battle with these sorts of treatments because why spend money on something you can’t see.


Super Quick

To be honest, we barely have enough time to back up our laptops (which I seriously need to do) let alone spend hours on facial treatments. So I loved that the RF Treatment took less than 60 mins with less than 2 hours down time afterwards – if that. Essentially, this is how it works: You lie down in a super comfy chair and have a cooling numbing gel applied to your face by a lovely German Beautician called Carina (I’ve had worse things to do in my lunch break). Then for the following 25 mins the treatment continues which is essentially tens of teeny tiny micro-needles (don’t freak out you can barely feel them) combined with radio frequency technology to stimulate the collagen in your face to essentially, reboot and replenish. Unlike laser  or  a chemical peel, it’s super quick and really doesn’t hurt at all. In fact, you can close your eyes and have a snooze. Which I would have done if I wasn’t taking notes for you!


You Don't Walk Out Looking Scary

This was the clincher for me. I had a friends birthday on the Wednesday and a wedding on the Friday, so if there was any chance of me looking like rare beef  I wouldn’t have done it. Whilst the treatment itself is quite relaxing, the ever-so-slight sensation of the micro-needles are very bearable but do leave you with a reddish tone to your face – almost like you’ve been in the sun on a hot day. This literally lasts about 2 hours – and you could easily put makeup on or a cooling gel or spray. So don’t worry – you can walk away from the treatment clinic to your car with no one giving you a second glance.  Honestly – you could even go back to work (just not any super important client facing meetings). I would recommend getting it done in the afternoon or straight after work (Laser Clinics are open late during the week) that way you can simply keep your face fresh and clear from makeup for 24 hours. Its not a necessity but you’ll feel like you’ll want to keep your face clean.  So you can be back in the office the next morning totally fresh faced. No beef carpaccio situation at all!


Helps With Scars

I didn’t realise this until the lovely Carina told me whilst applying my numbing cream, but this treatment is also very good for scars. Whether that’s an acne scar or surgical scar, this particular treatment can be really effective and not overly sore or invasive like other scar treatments. I had plastic surgery on my nose a few years back (No – not superficial unfortunately) to remove a BCC Skin Cancer and the scarring, whilst subtle, has left that patch of skin quite rough and uneven. Whilst the nose and upper lip are the more senstive areas on the face, it was good to know it was minimising my scar tissue. It’s been a week now and that scar area definitely feels more even and smooth. Max RF face treatment will also reduce your pores and give your skin that tight feeling. Which is a feeling I like because you know it’s working. However, I do recommend before starting the treatments to get a quick consult which you can do at the beginning of your appointment. Ask about their Extraction Treatments to deal with outbreaks and clogged pores (I’m obsessed with extraction treatments so many facialists won’t do them!). Its better to deal with any underlying skin issue first to gain the best out of RF face treatments.


One Session Works

Now the other reason I’ve tended to avoid sophisticated beauty treatments or blogged about them in the past is the cost. But – you have to accept for your skin to change – whether that’s in appearance or composition – it needs to be either an invasive or active treatment which comes with an associated cost. Now that cost doesn’t have to be astronomical which is why I think this treatment is a reasonable solution. But if you really want to be kinder to your skin and try to reverse some of the sun damage and aging effects from over the years, you need to bite the bullet and invest in a treatment you can actually see visible results from and that isn’t overly invasive. I prefer the Max RF treatment because of all the reasons above – but also because even if you can’t afford all four treatments (which is recommended) you’ll still get something out of it. One treatment will cost you $399 but the Laser Clinics have a Full Face 4 x Treatment package for $999, so if you can, I’d recommend the package as you’ll want to keep the treatments going after your first experience.

You can book a friendly consultation at the Laser Clinics Australia with Carina from Bondi Junction here.  Tell her the big scaredy cat sent you!


Author / Bella Serventi