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INTERIOR DESIGN: 5 Shades of Grey

Step away from the beige and embrace the shades of grey…Finally I feel like we have moved away from beige walls and into a more sophisticated palette of greys and crisp whites.

There are many variations of greys. I generally tend to go for something a little warmer with a yellow base as I find this works well in most spaces. That being said, there is a huge range available from soft dusty antique greys to deep dramatic blue based hues.

As with all colour choices, the more natural light your room has, the deeper you can go with the shade. Don’t be afraid of going a few shades darker than you normally would. I would recommend using lighter shades in your communal areas – kitchen, dining, living etc and going a little bit darker in the bedrooms, study and bathrooms.

Here are my top 5 greys to use in a variety of spaces:

Calf Skin – Dulux

This is my top choice as it has a yellow base, pops with white accents and Dulux is most painters first choice so you won’t have any arguments! As with all Dulux colours you can go half or quarter strength if you would prefer a lighter shade. This also allows you to use the same or similar colour throughout the whole house with a bit of shade variance.

Stepney – Dulux

This sits in the ‘true grey’ line of the Dulux Colour Atlas. There is no other colour, no undertone, just plain old grey! I have used this on a few exteriors for clients that don’t want any undertones. It works well with homes with lots of greenery as this stops the ‘true’ grey looking too cold. If using inside, I would recommend warm tones of furniture and fabrics.

Stonehenge – Resene

If you haven’t heard of Resene, it is a slightly more boutique brand to Dulux etc. They have a very extensive range of neutrals and I have found a few painters have started to gravitate Resene of late. The colour ‘Stonehenge’ is a grey with a little bit of brown in it. The great thing about Resene is that each colour comes in your standard strength as well as triple, double half, quarter and eighth. This makes it really easy to carry the one colour throughout your home with varying depths.

White Rhino – Porters Paints

This is a really deep hue with a touch of blue in the base. If you are looking for something really dramatic, this is your grey! It looks quite masculine but could be prettied up with touches of pink and other more feminine elements. Equally, would work well in a bachelor pad! I would use this in bedrooms, studies and sitting rooms, as it is more of a boutique look. For a dramatic contrast to the White Rhino, use a crisp white such as Porter’s Snow White on the doors, ceilings and skirting’s.

Shell Grey – Porters Paints

A really dusty grey with a slightly green undertone. This is quite a subtle colour with a more boutique feel that would work well in country or coastal style properties with beautiful linens, whites and timbers.

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Author / Victoria Honey