The Mecca Manual / 03.06.15 / BY Bella Serventi

BETTY LAM: Career Advice from a Finance Femme

Ever wondered what it would be like to work in finance? Introducing Finance Femme Betty Lam, a Senior Sales Trader with CMC Markets Australia. Betty facilitates the trading activities for her high-net-worth clients across equities, derivatives and foreign exchange, to help them generate wealth.

Who is Betty Lam?

Betty has over ten years’ experience in financial markets, working at some of Australia’s most prestigious financial institutions. Starting as a graduate at Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Betty’s resume also includes Macquarie Group, JP Morgan and Bell Potter Securities.


Working in Finance as a Femme

Working in Finance can be a tough career riding the ups and downs of market waves and managing high pressured environments but Betty has made a real success of it and is an inspiration to others wanting to break into the competitive industry. So we’ve asked Betty to share with us the tips she has gathered on her journey to being a highly regarded female trader within a male dominated industry, as well as advice on how to not only succeed, but excel.


Manifest Your Dreams

Having clear set goals, a vision and passion are very powerful tools. As a teenage girl, the glamour of stockbroking and it’s high-intensity charms lured me in. I had a vision of working on a trading floor in my smart suits and shiny briefcase. The briefcase didn’t happen, but I am now a product of that vision. I am a big believer in the powers of manifestation. I encourage women to visualise a final outcome for something you desire. Take steps to really live and feel the outcome like it is already yours and believe in the outcome. Once you have visualised an end result, it is so much easier to make steps and work towards the outcome.



Seek Mentor Guidance

Admire, learn and grow from those who have gone before you. I have been lucky enough to have a mentor who is 30 years my senior. Full of passion, knowledge and life experience, my mentor was once a former and respected colleague. I encourage you to seek and grow a mentor relationship, one within the same industry if possible. That way you have a trustworthy source to seek objective counsel and guidance on. You may be surprised to hear that your mentor may gain as much out of the relationship as you do.



Invest In What You Love

Ensure your chosen profession is something you truly enjoy, that way it is easier to invest your personality, drive and dedication to a job and company that you love. With a fondness for fashion, fitness and style, I make sure I invest time to my other interests outside of work. This allows me to be the best version of myself when I am on the trading floor. As a finance specialist, I would encourage you to invest in the things you love. If shopping is your vice, why not take the $3000 you might spend on a handbag and invest it in shares in a handbag manufacturer or an online store? Often your favourite brands, shops or services are also loved by many others. With research and the proper tools, an investment in this way may return you handsome dividends.


Learn & Grow

Learn and grow from difficulty and hardship, and have the courage to move forward. Three years ago I reached a point in my life where I had truly hit rock bottom both professionally and personally. I look back now and appreciate that it was a blessing in disguise.


Re-invent Yourself

Challenges and difficult times allow you to reinvent yourself. Moments like these allow me to reinvent myself, it reaffirms my love for the industry, and I gain valuable insight into who I am. In life and in work you will always face challenges, criticism and failure. What I have learnt is, despite hurdles and curve balls, you have to remain agile and be open to change, continue to learn, read and ask questions in order to adapt and grow with the world around you.


Author / Bella Serventi