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Femme Profiles / 21.07.15 / BY Bella Serventi

Melissa Browne: Finance Femme

Melissa Browne is not what you’d expect from a typical tax accountant…But with a passion for fashion and business strategy Melissa breaks all the rules. At the helm of several successful businesses, Melissa is living her dreams and helping others in small business do the same. Is there anything this finance femme cant do?

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Femme Profiles / 03.07.15 / BY Bella Serventi


Having the luxury of working with beautiful dresses, pretty colour palettes and fashionable bridal trends is a unique reality for Australian entrepreneur and business owner Rebecca Marsh, the sweet CEO of one of Australia’s most popular bridesmaid dress collections White Runway. Rebecca is one of the rising female stars in the Australian online retail market with her savvy online business offering exceptional choices of wedding day and special occasion fashion. She leads a large collaborative team of gorgeous stylists and runway specialists who do everything they can to make your day perfect and pretty!

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Femme Profiles / 02.06.15 / BY Bella Serventi


This entrepreneurial femme can literally do it all. Plan, style, help, educate and inspire (she can probably belt out a wedding song acapella style if we asked her. It’s a confidence thing she exudes…sigh). Meet Georgie Duddy. Australia’s answer to all the DIY brides out there. She’s actually so cool. So efficient. The ultimate problem solver. She’s the kind of femme you want as your bridesmaid or best friend. (Yes, we may have asked her to be ours already…).  So, it’s no wonder that after planning and handholding her brother and his soon to be wife through their wedding process half way across the world in the South of France (as you do) that After The Rock was born.

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Femme Profiles / 26.05.15 / BY Bella Serventi

Alyce Tran: The Daily Edited

Do you ever sit at your work desk and dream of doing something else with your life? Something more creative? More fun? More fulfilling? Well, The Daily Edited  Founder Alyce Tran is one of those women who put her money where her clutch bag was.  Corporate lawyer by day and online boutique curator by night – this girl has her passion project all sorted Ladies. We could all take a page out of her monogrammed purse.

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Femme Profiles / 24.05.15 / BY Bella Serventi

Stephanie Malouf: Conscious Cooking Queen

After starting her career in Marketing and Public  Relations where she worked for the likes of Kelly Cutrone and P.Diddy in New York (Hello jealous!), Stephanie decided to move back to Sydney and launched a very successful online business called The Beauty Book. However, she knew in her heart – this wasn’t what she wanted to do and hated getting up every morning to go to work.

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Femme Profiles / 23.05.15 / BY Bella Serventi

Fitness Femmes: Base Body Babes

If you don’t know who these two glamorous pocket rockets are – well – you’re probably not addicted to Instagram (like we are) and clearly not obsessed with superfood green smoothies (like we are) because these two have both those things nailed.

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Femme Profiles / 21.05.15 / BY Bella Serventi

VIOLENT ORANGE: Meredith Casbier

As a high-level corporate strategist for some of Australia’s largest organisations, Meredith Casbier turned her love  for fitness and fashion into a fully fledged activewear brand – Violent Orange. Read on for her amazing life lessons and career runway, as she embarked on the ultimate sea change for a more fulfilling, creative and passionate life.

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Femme Profiles / 12.05.15 / BY Bella Serventi

Wendy Daoud El-Khoury: Wedded Wonderland

Vivacious and full of enthusiasm are words used to describe this wedded wonder – Wendy Daoud El-Khoury. This uber professional, eccentric and well sought after wedding specialist to the stars is every bride’s answer to the perfect day.

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Femme Profiles / 30.04.15 / BY Bella Serventi

WENDY MAK: Fashion Mentor & Entrepreneur

From Finance Marketer to Fashionista. Wendy was one of the original pioneers of the fashion styling arena, and her burgeoning styling and fashion business represents the tenacity and vision she had over 10 years ago that women (amongst others) wanted and needed sophisticated styling and business advice. Her workshops, events and seminars are always almost sold out and she is also a published Author of “The Terrific Thirty – 1000 Outfits from 30 Pieces” which sells all over the world.


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Femme Profiles / 21.04.15 / BY Bella Serventi

LANA HOPKINS: Purse Princess

This petite princess is not only a lovely, deep thinking entrepreneur but she is also the creative drive behind one of Australia’s most burgeoning online businesses – Mon Purse. Her beautiful bespoke business allows customers to design their very own bags, totes, clutches and oversized purses which are made with luxury leathers and handmade in Europe. Imagine what her accessory closet looks like….one in every colour? How do you say “we are so jealous and wish we had your job in French?” Read on to find out more about this Purse Princess’s career runway.

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Femme Profiles / 09.04.15 / BY Bella Serventi

Natural Beauty Femme: Irene Falcone

From media and advertising guru to an organic Beauty Femme, Irene Falcone has paved the way for natural, toxin-free beauty and skincare products.

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Femme Profiles / 07.04.15 / BY Bella Serventi

Vicki Engsall: Natural Skincare Queen

We love discovering natural beauty products at LFM so when we heard about The Jojoba Company an Australian made and owned production we were itching to chat to Vicki Engsall, daughter of Founder, Ian Engsall.

Vicki saw an opportunity to grow the business and the passion she shares with her Father, from the original rural crop and began to expand her knowledge of the business. Together, they sought to create a unique skin care range promoting the skin health benefits of their own natural Australian jojoba farmed and produced at home. With a strong focus on anti-aging and skin vitality, the range includes 100% Natural Jojoba which is great for your hair, skin and nails…You Beauty!


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Femme Profiles / 10.03.15 / BY Bella Serventi


We should start by saying, this beauty femme and self-confessed cosmetic queen has our dream job. Going to work everyday with inspirational people, creative tech innovation, international beauty brands (and a never ending supply of OPI nail polish) certainly hits the mark for us and for the Founder and CEO herself, Kate Morris. Having founded her cosmetic empire […]

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Femme Profiles / 06.03.15 / BY Bella Serventi

Rochelle Collis: Skin Siren

Rochelle Collis is a mother, skin expert and business owner all in one. She is also responsible for creating one of the best skin rejuvenation treatments in Sydney (yes…I am a loyal rejuvenation groupie). Having started her career in marketing and pharmaceutical sales, Rochelle quickly recognised that sitting in an office every day was not the career for her. She moved into the cosmetic medicine side of skin care and now is committed to bringing women like you and me affordable skin care and repair that was once reserved for the high-end celebrity. Well, thank goodness for that!

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Femme Profiles / 02.03.15 / BY Bella Serventi

Michelle Bridges: The Ultimate Fitness Femme

She’s graced our TVs as a motivational and compassionate personal trainer on The Biggest Loser and seen unprecedented success through her life-changing 12 Week Body Transformation fitness program that has inspired thousands of people across Australia. Michelle has also added to the growing empire with her own range of Blackmores multi-vitamins, in addition to an active sportswear line. Yet Michelle Bridges believes it all starts with a dream and on going, relentless persistence. We chatted to this inspiring fitness femme and entrepreneurial warrior about her career beginnings and progression to the top of the TV fitness game.

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Femme Profiles / 01.03.15 / BY Victoria Honey

Claire Delmar: Design Femme

It’s not that often we meet a Femme that we are so in awe of that half way through her compelling interview we start to daydream about having her life and career. Yep. Seriously. We did this. But coming back to reality, we should say that firstly, she is one of the nicest people in the design business.

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Femme Profiles / 15.12.14 / BY Bella Serventi

Leigh Campbell: Publishing Princess

As the Beauty Director of Cosmopolitan Magazine and Founder of The Daily Coverage (an extremely witty and well penned Lifestyle Blog) Leigh is every inch the modern day, magazine glamazon who also bares a striking resemblance to Elizabeth Taylor. Ugh. Perfection hurts sometimes…

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Femme Profiles / 14.12.14 / BY Bella Serventi

Rachael Brook: Makeup Muse

We have the opportunity here at La Femme Mecca to meet beautiful, engaging women throughout our Femme Profile series which more often than not make us feel deeply inspired from a career perspective and the lovely twenty-something makeup artist to the stars Rachael Brooks is no exception. Her strong self belief to carve out her own look and approach to makeup artistry has attracted celebs like Jennifer Hawkins and Cheyenne Tozzi and marked her out as the one to watch in the competitive beauty industry. Having recently teamed up Priceline Pharmacy to bring you classic, elegant make up tutorials (which includes a really great trick to nail your winged eyeliner!) she certainly makes our list as the ultimate Beauty Femme. Oh, and Rachael also just completed her first high end photoshoot with Vogue magazine…sigh.

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Femme Profiles / 14.12.14 / BY Victoria Honey

Megan Morton: Education Warrior

As a stylist, business woman, mother, author and education warrior I’m not sure Megan Morton could wear any more hats in her growing empire. It’s so rare that one person has achieved so much to inspire other women to follow a career path or passion project, that we were thrilled to be able to interview Megan and share her advice.

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