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More now than ever, the importance of sleep considered as the third pillar of wellbeing in addition to diet and exercise. A good night’s sleep is something many take for granted, but for most of us who may suffer from restless sleep, general fatigue, headaches, and lack of concentration during the day – improving your sleep pattern is exactly what you need. Like most things, whether that’s diet, exercise or meditation – it’s something you need to consistently work on and A.H. Beard is on a mission to improve people’s lives by making a better night’s sleep their reality with their 6 Week Sleep Challenge.

A.H. Beard is one of Australia’s leading manufacturers of quality mattresses and bedding. As a fourth generation family-owned Australian business A.H. Beard has built an enviable reputation as the innovators in sleep products. To help more Australian’s have a perfect night sleep, every night, A.H. Beard has created the 6 Week Sleep Challenge – to help Australians learn more about sleep and how to achieve it. They have partnered with like-minded organisations such as the Sleep Health Foundation and leading sleep scientist Dr Carmel Harrington to develop a scientifically sound program for building good sleep habits.

The 6 Week Sleep Challenge is a FREE health and well-being improvement program that delivers customized sleep advice based on the type of sleeper you are.  Each week the user logs progress and sleep information in the online sleep diary and receives support from the community in the forums and has access to expert advice on the blog.

The 6 Week Sleep Challenge starts on March 16th 2015 so sign-up with a friend or partner at ahbeard.com/sleepchallenge and start sleeping your way to a more relaxed, healthy, beautiful looking you.

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Sign Up Now for March 16th 2015 Start