The School (Beginners Calligraphy)

THE SCHOOL by Megan Morton: Sydney & Melbourne
In Person
Why we love it

There is no greater teacher than Maybelle Imasa-Stukuls to hold your hand through the gentle art of learning modern calligraphy. She is Martha Stewart’s favourite pen (read all about her here, here and here) and considered a handwriting style expert with her modern, loose and unequivocably beautiful take on this traditional art form. But what is the most wonderful discovery about Maybelle is that she is not just a top-end talent, she is gracious as well as gifted. Under her expert tuition you will learn to write again and discover the divinity of hand printed cards, letters and notes.

The 2 1/2 hours workshop is designed for beginners, and in the world of texts and tweets it’s a lost art that you will be so relived you took the time to revive. The basics of contemporary calligraphy from A to Z are covered using Maybelle’s favourite pointed pen and nib dipped into ink. The class covers letter form anatomy, writing techniques and practical applications including stationery, envelope and design. Included is your take home calligraphy starter kit – with everything you need to continue your work at home. It includes Maybelle’s favourite wooden barrelled point pen nib, black ink, practice booklet (it’s so beautiful, your first reaction will be to resist writing in it at all!), a divine letterpress alphabet made by hand, your lined guide and practice papers.

Refreshments and snacks included.

Various dates in May 2015