The School (Calligraphy Styling Class)

THE SCHOOL by Megan Morton - Sydney & Melbourne
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Why we love it

There is no greater teacher than Maybelle Imasa-Stukuls to hold your hand through the gentle art of learning modern calligraphy. She is Martha Stewart’s favourite pen (read all about her here, here and here) and considered a handwriting style expert with her modern, loose and unequivocably beautiful take on this traditional art form.

This 4 hour class is a follow up to Maybelle’s calligraphy introduction and will work on special projects that include how to mix your favourite ink colour, writing letters and cards, the construction of bespoke envelopes and cards from scratch, hand made cake banners and writing on wood surfaces. You will leave with a whole new bag of tricks as well as your favourite number (or single letter) hand painted onto a frameable wood plaque. You will take home a kit that includes black paper, white ink, a jar of hand mixed colour ink, mini wood panels (5 x 7), chalk pencil, card, paper, cake flagging, envelopes, a pack of mailing labels and your very own sublimely perfect Maybelle handwritten letter or number keepsake!

Refreshments and snacks provided.


Various dates in May