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Superfood powders are in fashion with one of the biggest supermodels and wellness gurus Elle McPherson introducing her new chic Super Elixir Powder earlier this year.

So when did this happen? I thought filling up my biodegradable Wholefoods shopping basket with kale, ginger, spinach, beetroot, and chia seeds more expensive than an hermes bracelet were the fashionable ingredients that made up my smoothie most mornings? Well move over mandarins because superfood powders are on the supermarket runway.

These fashionable formulas are tastier, have more of an impact and are far easier to blend then a whole trolley full of food. Superfood powders aren’t protein powders (so relax – they wont bulk you up) they act more as a nourishing supplement – and most of them are gluten and dairy free. You’ll also find most are vegan based with  no added sugar either,  so you know that with every spoonful you are getting raw natural nutrients. This is perfect for the busy supermodel (or mere mortals like us) on the go. Also, with online ordering and delivery to your door it lasts a lot longer than fresh fruit and vegetables that tend to turn bad after neglecting them from a busy week at work and eating out most nights. Here are a few of our favourites:


The Super Elixir; Elle Macpherson

Supermodel Elle McPherson brings to us her new super greens powder to boost our beauty from the inside out. Developed by her very own Harley Street doctor, Dr Simone Laubscher PhD, who specialises in disease prevention, Super Elixir supports a whopping 11 systems in the body, including the digestion, hormonal, integumentary (hair, skin and nails), nervous and circulatory. This is a sure way to fast track our body well being. RRP $54.50


BIOGLAN Superfoods Tropical Flavour

Bioglan Superfoods MultiGreens Powder is a multivitamin with 10 serves of vegetables.To have optimal health it is important to source our daily nutrients from a variety of coloured vegetables, fruits and wholefoods, to eat a ‘rainbow’ of foods.
MultiGreens provides vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, protein, nutrient herbs, probiotics and enzymes from a colourful range of nutrient dense foods and plants. This is tropical flavour! $42.99

Can buy directly from website or partnered pharmacies for discounts BUY HERE

SWISSE Superfood Powders

SWISSE Acai is Fitness & Food Femme Contributor Iantha Yu’s favourite. It’s packed with vitamin C which is great for your energy metabolism, immune system and can help protect cells from free radical damage. It’s not always possible to get fresh or frozen acai berries as well (and even if you could, it’s super expensive!) so this is an easy and effective way to get your fix. RRP $17.99


RAW Powder

Australian made, gluten free and vegan – this Raw product is for the serious superfood powder yogi.  With a combination of live superfoods, traditional herbs, slow-release ancient seeds, electrolyte-dense coconut water and concentrated sea minerals, Raw energy is a comprehensive formula of powerful ingredients that invigorate and revitalise. Just add to milk, water or juice 120g $29.71


SWISSE Superfood Powders

Another favourite is the SWISSE Blueberry. Besides containing antioxidants (also great for fighting free radicals), it also contains manganese, which helps in bone development. $17.99

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Author / Bella Serventi