Event / 30.07.15 / BY Bella Serventi

SEX FOR GROCERIES: A Book of Trades, Money and Happiness

The Femmes headed out to trendy Double Bay hotspot Mrs Sippy, to sip on cocktails and understand how to successfully use the traits derived from  finance trading to achieve what we want in life. And yes – how to get groceries too!

Whilst the title certainly got our attention! Last night’s book launch of Elizabeth Horsley’s  “Sex for Groceries” ran a lot deeper than just learning how to kiss for carrots.

SOCIAL FEMME: Book Launch Sex for Groceries

Elizabeth Horsley is a savvy and professional investment banker with over 12 years’ experience in the finance industry and openly explained her motivation for writing this clever and inspiring philosophy to us over cocktails and yummy canapes at Mrs. Sippy’s bar in Double Bay. With a high-flying career, beautiful children and a big house in the suburbs Elizabeth still felt a sense of emotional and spiritual unfulfillment.

In this delightful read, Elizabeth bluntly discusses the problems of human dissatisfaction in the modern world and how financial wealth is not the key to happiness, but the natural result of living a value-based life, investing in oneself emotionally and physically.

SOCIAL FEMME: Book Launch Sex for Groceries

Peppered with intimate details about her personal life and written with women in mind, Elizabeth combines principles of finance, philosophy, and honesty into an action-based formula for happiness. Using the principles of trades, Elizabeth details the meaning of making healthy trades and investments in ones life, career, family and emotions to create an outcome, which exudes one being content with their journey.


SOCIAL FEMME: Book Launch Sex for GroceriesElizabeth says “When it comes to transactions, everything is relative. Ever-changing factors influence whether or not a transaction is beneficial for you. That’s why it’s so important to ask yourself, “is this a fair exchange?

Elizabeth uses her knowledge and skills in the book of what it takes to build a successful business, find personal acceptance, achieve goals and identify individual values. It’s a how-to guide to living a values-based life by creating a Living List and making magic happen through the application of “trades” into everyday life.

So if you find yourself reassessing your happiness levels and wonder what else is there?  Then perhaps it’s time to pick up a copy of this well penned motivational read the next time you do your grocery run.

For more information on Sex for Groceries visit www.sexforgroceriesthebook.com  


Author / Bella Serventi