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Follow our steps for a DIY flower arrangement that won’t cost you the world.

You’re having a lunch or dinner, need a table arrangement and don’t want to be stung hundreds of dollars at your local florist? It’s not as hard as it looks to whip something up yourself AND you will save a tonne of money.

Whether you pick your stems from your garden or take a trip to the flower markets (a wonderful experience) you are going to want to make sure you have a few varieties to provide a visual feast for your guests. Number 1 tip – make sure your arrangement isn’t so big that your guests cannot see across the table. There is nothing more annoying or impractical!

In terms of the actual flowers you use, go with seasonal as these will be the best price and quality. You can google this information quite easily or ask the vendors at the markets. I tend to go for a hero piece, some fillers and either foliage or berries. Take, for example, some large hydrangea heads, dahlias and berries. You want to use at least 3 types of flowers.

To get some ideas, I suggest you scour your favourite florists on Instagram or get on Pinterest and use this for inspiration. It’s much easier when you have an image in front of you to work from. I also stalk event planners and stylists as they have some fabulous ideas! Try The Style Co or Philip Carr.

All flower tools-of-the-trade and vases can be purchased from Koch & Co online or in store.

Follow these simple steps to construct your arrangement:



I prefer circular vases however square works well too – it really is a personal preference. Depending on the theme of your event you might like to use something coloured if the theme fits. I find glass works well with most events and so have a stash of these in multiple sizes.  A tip for keeping stems in place – stick clear tape in a criss-cross pattern across the top of the vase as this will ensure the stems don’t move around. You could also use old jars or even teapots for a vintage and cost effective option!



You will need to cut down your stems to the appropriate length. I would suggest doing this in increments as you can always cut more off if necessary…you certainly can’t get the length back if you cut too much off!  If they are already short enough, you still need to snip the ends so that they get enough water. Make sure you snip on an angle. If using roses, you will need to de-thorn and yes there is a tool for this that you can buy from flower wholesale stores.



The method you use is completely up to you. There are 2 ways you can do this – a more traditional method which is very even and symmetrical (more like a wedding arrangement) or the ‘newer’ method in which you cluster each type of flower in a more organic way. I prefer the latter and it’s easier to achieve due to the relaxed nature of the arrangement – the mistakes are easier to hide!  The great thing about the taping over the vase means you can keep trying until you are happy with the arrangement without everything falling apart! Your flowers will last longer if you change the water every few days.


Author / Victoria Honey